High Pressure Drain Clearing – Drainage Solutions

Have look at our prices for emergency drain clearing and compare with well known national franchise companies. (All prices exclusive of VAT)


8am – 6pm 
£80.00 for first hour - £65.00 for each hour thereafter.

6pm – 11pm & Saturdays 
£105.00 for first hour - £90.00 for each hour thereafter.

11pm – 8am/Sundays/Bank Holidays
£130.00 for first hour - £115.00 for each hour thereafter.

In most cases, domestic drains can be cleared within one hour – our experienced operatives will be able to advise should any difficulties arise.


Our pricing for commercial drain cleaning is the same as domestic, but please bear in mind, commercial premises are usually larger and therefore, have more complex drainage systems with more services discharging into the drain, and subsequently, more time may be required to trace a problem.

If you have a plan of your premises drainage system, it would be of great help to our operatives to have it ready on arrival, and could reduce costs, particular on larger premises.

Underground Repairs/Installation & CCTV

If the problem with the drain extends beyond a simple blockage, for example, a collapsed drain or tree roots breaching the system, we also offer the following services.

  • CCTV Inspection
  • Excavation and repair
  • Manhole installation
  • Rainwater Gully/Rodding Eye Installation
  • Full new drainage installation

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